Luxury Men's Grooming.

Stove & Barrel is a luxary line of mens' grooming products. We have hand crafted each fragrance to have the ability to change the environment you are in. Wearing our scents will guarentee everyone in the room knows you are there. Our goal is that men transform into Gentlemen.

Rub it In.


What is beard oil?


Beard oil is a combination of scented oils and a variety of carrier oils desigend to replace the oil in your skin. Beard hair notorisouly pulls the natural oils from the face, which is the primary cause of face itch. Stove & Barrel's propritary blend of oils addresses the dryness and leaves your face healthy and moistruized. Beard oil is really for your face, not your beard, but indirectly a healthy face grows a healthy beard. Plus it smells incredible all day long!

What is in the oil?


Our oil is a high end blend of frangrance oils and carrier oils as well as Vitamin E for skin health.

What if I don't have a beard?


No beard, no problem! Many of our clients do not have beards. Everyone gets dry skin and your skin will thank you for using our oil, beard or not. The term "Beard Oil" is more of a marketing tactic. We highly recommend usiing our oils as a cologone alternative.

Do you have other products?


We are constantly developing new products and plan to release them as soon as we have them dialed in to the hightest quality.